Boost their confidence...
Build their self-esteem...
Watch them bloom...
Prepare them to take on the world!

Our programs cover essential and practical life and social skills topics that children of all ages need to be their very best selves!

Boost their confidence...
And watch them bloom!

Etiquette classes for children of ages, to help them be their very best selves.


Real beauty comes from within...
Real style includes social savvy...
Real confidence is believing in yourself...
Real success is a joy-filled life!

Real beauty is something you find—in courage, confidence, and character. Build it when you practice civility and grace.

Real beauty...
comes from within!

Build your confidence and grace in our Real Beauty Boot Camp.


The world is your oyster...
You can earn a living and make a difference...
Come out of your shell, start your own etiquette business!

Make your dreams come true with an
In Good Company License

The world is your oyster...
Come out of your shell and start your own business!

Make your dreams come true with an
In Good Company License

Courtesy, Social Confidence & More

So much more than which fork to use!

Welcome to In Good Company Etiquette Academy & Finishing School! We offer a series of Social and Life Skills training programs for children ages 4-18, as well as social clubs, parties and events. Manners are so much more than knowing what fork to use!

The world can be a difficult place, but we know that teaching young people what the expected and respected behaviors are in social settings, and giving them the knowledge and skills they need to be socially competent, boosts their confidence, builds self-esteem, and helps them present themselves more positively. Our programs cover important and practical life and social skills topics that children of all ages need to be their very best selves!



Many children and teenagers don’t know what the expected behaviors are for social settings and so they lack self-restraint and self-confidence. Etiquette training for boys and girls offer an excellent solution towards ensuring your child’s social success.

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Rosebud Club

Setting a pretty table, learning how to plan a tea party, sewing on a button, arranging flowers, these are just a few of the activities that little girls ages 5-10 will do at Rosebud Club. Join us this winter on Sundays for afternoons of fun and friends!

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IGC offers a one of a kind party experience! Our venue is decorated with Parisian glam and Coco Chanel-inspired sophistication. Available for birthdays, ladies’ nights, jewelry parties, bridal and baby showers, or any special event you are planning!

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