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Respect Your Elders

"RESPECT YOUR ELDERS!" We all heard this growing up...and it's an important lesson.  We often hear today that kids today don't do enough of it,  Another important lesson is to respect not just our elders - but every person we meet. In this diverse world, where people of every age find themselves navigating the school yard or the work place with people who may differ from them in many ways, extending respect to others has never been more important.  It is a truism that we are treated the way we t [...]

Self-Study Children’s Courtesy & Character Coach

LOOKING FOR AN EXCITING NEW CAREER?  START A TRAINING BUSINESS FROM ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD TODAY! We're looking for international affiliates!  If you are looking for an exciting, lucrative and independent career teaching children manners, self esteem, and social skills helping to set them up for current and future success - if YOU are ready to succeed, then we have the opportunity for you! IN GOOD COMPANY, world leaders in the child etiquette and finishing school space, is offering certification [...]

Research Shows Social Phobias Start With Early Childhood Shyness. We Can Help With Social Skills Training! 

A whopping 5.3 million Americans report suffering from social phobias, and nobody knows what the numbers are internationally. We do know, however, that social phobias and social anxieties keep a lot of people from living up to their full potential - in their personal, social and romantic lives, as well as their business and professional prospects. There are ways to ensure your child doesn't become another statistic.  Yes, there ARE ways to teach self esteem and confidence to kids who need a litt [...]

We Are On The Move!

Who is your role model? This is a question the research team at Civility Experts Worldwide posed in an informal survey to 250 young adults ages 16-20 in early 2014. The responses we got surprised us: 26% said they don’t really have one 7% said they don’t need one, they have friends that they model after 31% said a family member (parent, sibling, or other) 24% said they try to emulate a celebrity or sports star 12% said they consider themselves a role model and don’t follow anyone else I don’t kn [...]

Everything’s Coming Up Roses

What little girl doesn’t love a tea party? I have fond memories of my younger sister and I planning and preparing for tea time on many wintery Sunday afternoons when I was young. My mother encouraged us, and frequently helped with the parties, but there were “rules”: We could only use her prized Old Country Roses china if we were very careful We had to set a “complete” table- tablecloth, centerpiece, napkins, and all the usual accoutrements that go along with tea We had to serve “real” food and [...]


“Whatever happened to manners?” This is a question Misty Harris finds herself asking daily. Whether it’s driving, dining, or dealing with others in public places, disrespect is everywhere. Having lived on two continents and serving as a military spouse for over 20 years, Misty has seen a lot of situations that could make your hair stand on end. For the past 8 years, Misty – a Candidate for Master ICTC Certification, and her team at Texas Etiquette has been offering training and services to addre [...]

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