In Good Company Holiday

The holiday season is a source of joy and festive entertainment for all, but nowhere else do we see the magic and wonderment of the holidays than through the eyes of a child. Some of us kids at heart still feel the same magic during the holidays as we did when we were young, but it simply cannot compare to marveling with delight at holiday stories of Santa and the oil that lit the lamps for eight nights, or the excitement of unwrapping holiday gifts. The holidays are a feast for the sense, and f [...]

Starting a Training Business? Here are some Business First steps!

Starting a Training Business?    Here are some Business First steps! No matter what kind of business you are interested in starting, Entrepreneur Magazine recently printed an article with some excellent advice for any business owner to be.   We’ve taken some of that great information and condensed it down for you – and made it appropriate for those interested in starting a training business, like In Good Company. These ideas are taken from Rule's Book of Business Plans for Startups The business [...]

Learning How To Communicate Well Leads To Success – Social Skills Matter!

LEARNING HOW TO COMMUNICATE WELL LEADS TO SUCCESS - SOCIAL SKILLS  MATTER! Recent statistics have shown that the most valuable skill a child can learn - even more valuable than math  is how to communicate well. From the written word to the verbal, how a person communicates is central to their personal, social and professional success.  Someone who does not know how to communicate well with others will find themselves on the outside looking in at good jobs, and even at friendships and relationshi [...]

#Kindness Challenge

November was a tough month for everyone in our country. A divisive election came to a close and there is a strong sense that we need to come together to heal and support the next generation. Because of this, we are calling on you to help us unite the country through character. Starting tomorrow (Giving Tuesday) will be sponsoring the #KindnessChallenge on social media to inspire everyone around us to act with intentional kindness. We know that when one person acts out of kindness, [...]

“Kindness Has Real Benefits For Personal Happiness Of Children”

"KINDNESS HAS REAL BENEFITS FOR PERSONAL HAPPINESS OF CHILDREN" "Kindness has some real benefits for the personal happiness of children," says Professor Kimberly Schonert-Reichl of the University of British Columbia.  She goes on to say that kindness also has benefits for the classroom community. This doesn't surprise Lew Bayer, CEO of In Good Company. Also the CEO of Civility Experts, with deals with etiquette in the workplace and author of the recent bestseller,  "The 30% Solution -  How Civil [...]

Confidence And Self Esteem Lacking In Many Young People

CONFIDENCE AND SELF ESTEEM LACKING IN MANY YOUNG PEOPLE Statistics show that a lot of young girls and boys who previously exhibited confidence begin to lose some of that self esteem and confidence by the age of 10 or 11 years old.  Other children never seem to emerge from the shyness of early childhood.  This can have an affect on far more just their social lives. Low self esteem and bad self image can be worsened by not knowing what to do in a social situation.  That feeling that all eyes are o [...]

Business Experts advise teaching children manners – Parenting Experts agree!

Business Experts advise teaching children manners - Parenting Experts agree! That seems like a no brainer - no one wants to live with rude little tykes, or - even worse - teenagers - but experts explain that teaching children manners gos far beyond having them thank Grandma for a gift they might not like or saying "please" and "thank you" at the dinner table. New research highlighted in IN GOOD COMPANY CEO Lew Bayer's most recent book "The 30% Solution -  How Civility at Work Increases Retention [...]

Respect Your Elders

"RESPECT YOUR ELDERS!" We all heard this growing up...and it's an important lesson.  We often hear today that kids today don't do enough of it,  Another important lesson is to respect not just our elders - but every person we meet. In this diverse world, where people of every age find themselves navigating the school yard or the work place with people who may differ from them in many ways, extending respect to others has never been more important.  It is a truism that we are treated the way we t [...]

Self-Study Children’s Courtesy & Character Coach

LOOKING FOR AN EXCITING NEW CAREER?  START A TRAINING BUSINESS FROM ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD TODAY! We're looking for international affiliates!  If you are looking for an exciting, lucrative and independent career teaching children manners, self esteem, and social skills helping to set them up for current and future success - if YOU are ready to succeed, then we have the opportunity for you! IN GOOD COMPANY, world leaders in the child etiquette and finishing school space, is offering certification [...]

Research Shows Social Phobias Start With Early Childhood Shyness. We Can Help With Social Skills Training! 

A whopping 5.3 million Americans report suffering from social phobias, and nobody knows what the numbers are internationally. We do know, however, that social phobias and social anxieties keep a lot of people from living up to their full potential - in their personal, social and romantic lives, as well as their business and professional prospects. There are ways to ensure your child doesn't become another statistic.  Yes, there ARE ways to teach self esteem and confidence to kids who need a litt [...]