PARENTING ON THE GO – Travelling with little ones

If you have ever spent time travelling with children – or been the unwilling witness to a parent dealing with a child having a tantrum in an airplane, train, or bus- you know that even the most carefully laid travel plans can turn into a challenge with kids in tow.

You may have even witnessed frustrated parents have mini meltdowns of their own in embarrassment at not being able to calm down a toddler having a tantrum. Everyone should have a little sympathy. If you have ever had…or been…a child on a family vacation, you probably have some idea of what these folks are dealing with (even if it is intruding on your quiet vacation plans!)

What are some tips for families travelling with little ones hoping to maximize fun and minimize vacation trauma? As much as possible : plan. Have favourite treats, toys, books and other distractions at the ready, and be fully stocked on things like diapers, and extra might need in a pinch to reduce the chance of upset…and keep a smile on hand for potentially disgruntled travel mates.