designer learning and civility experts partnership

Engaged Learning IS possible : Civility Experts Inc Partners with Designer Learning

“Designer Learning is pleased to partner with Civility Experts Inc. to assist organizations large and small with their training needs. Designer Learning is all about true learning. We use high end learning and development tools to engage, encourage and bring out the best in the learning process. We don’t just ‘train,’ we teach for long term knowledge retention. Our assessment tools are in support of our training tools which together, help enhance teams while having a positive impact on the organization” – Lisa Salvador, Owner/Facilitator – Designer


Corporate-speak training is a thing of the past. If you want to see real change, action and results, engaged learning is what you need. We deliver a fresh approach to professional and personal development for your team with custom-designed solutions, tailored to your business. We can design a shiny new plan, or just breathe new life into your existing materials.

“One of the biggest challenges organizations face is aligning training budget with training needs. Strategic training in civility can eliminate the need for a host of other training at tremendous savings, and with proper assessment- training can be customized to ensure transfer of learning and positive impact to the bottom line. We are thrilled to partner with Lisa and her team at Designer Learning to make critical assessment tools available to our clients, affiliates and partners.”- Lew Bayer, CEO Civility Experts Inc.

Civility Experts Inc. is excited about this new partnership with Designer Learning in order to provide innovative and original perspectives to their repertoire of training tools. Civility Experts Inc offers civility training, civility train-the-trainer certification, civility workshops and webinars, business etiquette training, civility books and materials, organizational workplace and civility assessments, “Start a Civility Initiative” kits, social intelligence and cultural competence coaching, keynote presentation international business etiquette consulting, and much more.