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  • Princess Diana: The Many Ways She Rebelled Against the Royal Family
    This is what Christopher Warwick, a royal expert, had to say about Diana’s modern parenting style. However ... Diana’s mealtime etiquette at home proved two things: She definitely didn’t care about sticking to the royal rulebook, and she didn ... read more
  • Owen Wilson Talks About Having to Be a Strict Parent and Competing With His Brother
    Last night, on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Wilson spoke a bit about his parenting strategy ... it comes to his kids having good manners. However, Wilson did promise laying down the hammer if his sons started to emulate the behavior of any of his, shall we say ... read more
  • Grandma’s Secret
    If the moderator is at a total loss for how to proceed, you might ask the staff at whatever organization runs your particular support group if they have any tips on how ... discovered she was pregnant. She decided to continue the pregnancy against my ... read more
  • Jane the Virgin Recap: Pulling Out
    There’s a version of this show that’s like a book of manners: Here’s how to behave nicely when someone lies to you, and here’s what happens when you don’t. This is what good parenting looks ... consequences for his behavior with Katherine were ... read more
  • What works: In rural Tennessee, ex-offenders get a second chance and a new career
    Von Bergen / Staff Behind it is a relentless 82-year-old grandmother who makes a mean banana pudding and never takes no for ... George strode through the factory to her machine. Ice-cream jimmy-sized balls are poured into a mold at the top of her press. ... read more
  • As a community, will we face this?
    More often, a child's pattern of aberrant behavior has been developed and is a direct result ... high levels of child abuse and foster parenting needs. It's not a mystery why Beloit experiences serious issues in its schools. A child experiencing trauma ... read more
  • 10 Point Godly Spouse Checklist for Women
    The difference between those two will guide your marriage, your parenting, your pursuits ... True humility involves courtesy, which is not the same as having good manners at an opportune time. But ego kills everything good around it. ... read more
  • Parents Can Trust Kids to Teach Themselves
    Good news: Great parenting is much easier and more fun than most ... And you don’t need to regularly rebuke your children over their behavior for them to learn good manners and grow up to become decent, moral people. As children grow more aware of ... read more
  • Mama Monday: It’s the Mother’s Fault
    So definitely don’t include: Seated in the dining room, according to Paul Onish, another of Trump’s early friends, it seemed best to mind his manners ... that somehow involved a man asking the boy children how their day had played out while his ... read more
  • How to Deal with Other People’s Children
    That’s why parents choose to focus only on their own children unless there is something going ... and it’s more effective to redirect the kids to something that is fun for everyone than to just keep saying, ‘Don’t do that’ or ‘Stop it.’ ... read more
  • Family Activities to Build Self Confidence for a Shy Child
    Instead, you can work on the project together after you have a family activity. Collect pictures, souvenirs, and other fun stuff to stick into the scrapbook during your activities ... teach these to your child, you can make a game out of it and involve ... read more
  • Toddler Mealtime Battles: The Dinner Table Escape Artist
    What lovely manners! (Note: Don’t praise or make a big deal over her actual eating. You don’t care if she eats! [Even though you desperately do.] The eating is her job. But definitely go ahead and praise every other good behavior she demonstrates at ... read more
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