Teach Kids Manners – Some Books To Help Them Learn

When working with small children, and trying to teach them any topic, it is helpful to use various methods, real life teaching followed up by repeating the lessons they learned using books and – these days – online videos.  In today’s blog, we’ll recommend some books for the little ones.

Karen Katz’  EXCUSE ME – A LITTLE BOOK OF MANNERS  – is aimed at toddlers and uses fun and interesting pictures of babies that will draw their attention to illustrate its important points (like the importance of politeness with simple and clear reminders to use “please” and “thank you.”

THE GIVING BOOK by Ellen Sabin is perfect for the little ones who might need to learn that there is more joy in giving than in receiving.  In this richly illustrated book full of fun suggestions, families can lose themselves for hours and little ones will come out of it with their hearts enriched!

Or why not get creative and have the little ones create their own Book of Manners?  It can be anything from a notebook from the dollar store to a hard bound journal from the fancy gift shop – have your child write down and then speak with you about what manners are most important, and why – get them thinking about why it is important to treat people with civility.