How To Teach Kids Manners  – In the Modern World

Children and manners are almost as hot a topic in the modern era as in our grandmothers day, if a quick search in Google is any indication.  While I am not sure what manners training looked like in our great grandmothers day (beyond the pages of stodgy old books…)

From parenting magazines to mommy bloggers to webpages for etiquette classes like the ones we hold for kids from four to eighteen at In Good Company, the internet is full of advice on kids and manners….what manners are most important and how to make sure kids process this message. Even Pinterest offers 1000 images purporting to help you learn how to teach manners to children. Youtube offers a wealth of age appropriate videos at every level. U.S based Parenting magazine chimes in with a list of ten manners rules that parents are failing to teach their children.
With today’s research proving that civility is the basis for success everywhere from the classroom to the boardroom, it makes sense for parents to invest time and effort in making sure their children learn this lesson well.