“Whatever happened to manners?” This is a question Misty Harris finds herself asking daily. Whether it’s driving, dining, or dealing with others in public places, disrespect is everywhere. Having lived on two continents and serving as a military spouse for over 20 years, Misty has seen a lot of situations that could make your hair stand on end.

For the past 8 years, Misty – a Candidate for Master ICTC Certification, and her team at Texas Etiquette has been offering training and services to address the growing impacts of low social competence and rudeness that are prevalent in our homes, schools, communities and workplaces. With a focus on boosting Social Intelligence, participants in Misty’s adult programs learn to leverage interpersonal skills and lead by example.

In 2014, Misty expanded her business by acquiring the Franchise and Trainer Reseller License for In Good Company Etiquette Academy for the state of Texas. Through its new division, In Good Company Etiquette Academy and Finishing School, Misty’s polished and experienced team offers classes, camps, individual coaching and Train the Trainer, to encourage and inspire children to build social skills that research suggests underpin success in life and work.

“You can be part of the problem, or you can be part of the solution,” states Misty, “and choosing civility is the easiest, and most effective solution for addressing the current civility crisis.”

A mother of five, Misty works hard to practice what she preaches. She calls on her educational background in children’s programming and women’s health, and her experience training as a midwife and advocating for children with arthritis, to support and endorse volunteerism and community service. Visit www.Texasetiquette.com to learn more, and watch for her new book, “Good Manners for Bad Boys”, to be released in September 2015.

If you are a teacher, consultant, mompreneur or a trainer interested in learning to teach children invaluable social skills they will need – at school, in future jobs and as they find their place in the world, why not attend the Courtesy Coach® Train the Trainer program- offered in Fort Worth, Texas, October 16-20. OR, why not consider starting your own In Good Company Etiquette Academy in your city. Contact ingoodcompanyetiquette@gmail.com if you are in Texas. And contact jessica@civilityexperts.com for more information about opportunities all around the world.