Fantastic Licensing Opportunities

Interested in bringing In Good Company signature programs to your area?

In Good Company Etiquette Academy licenses are now available all around the world.

In Good Company Etiquette Academy & Finishing School is a social skills training business that specializes in programs for children, youth, and teens as well as general social programs for adults. Licensees are provided with everything they need to build a successful business including training to become an ICTC Certified Courtesy Coach©.

The In Good Company Etiquette Academy & Finishing School Franchise Group is owned by Lew Bayer, who is internationally recognized as the leading North American expert on civility. In Good Company represents the children, youth, teens, and social etiquette arm of Civility Experts Worldwide- established in 1999, and specializing in workplace civility and Social IQ for adults.

Start Your Own Business

In Less Than 3 Weeks

By following the proven In Good Company business model, we’ll get you started building your business within 3 weeks of starting your program. You can start earning revenue in 90 days, and you can recoup your investment in the first 12 months.

Earn a Living

While Making a Difference
  • Low start-up costs- and optional payment plans
  • No need to sign a long-term lease for a space- you can run this business from home
  • Take your training by Distance or via Live training events
  • We teach you how to use 12 proven revenue plans to earn an income
  • If you are a mom, this is a business you can do while raising your children
  • If you are a teacher, this is a business you can use to supplement your current income
  • If you already have a related, child-focused business, you can add IGC products and services to increase your market share and KEEP your current branding and business name
  • Your training includes how to teach children, youth, and teens social skills, how to become a sought after public speaker, how to operate a business, and so much more…

License Package Components

Everything You Need to Build a Successful Business

In Good Company Etiquette Academy & Finishing School Licenses include some core elements which are required aspects of the Intellectual Property Usage and Distribution License that you are buying as part of the business opportunity we are offering. These are all included in the cost of the License which includes a protected territory. Along with the License fee, you have the option of accepting additional branding elements- (shown in black) there is no additional cost to you to take on these aspects, they are included in the fee- but they are optional.

Included in the License Fee

Core Elements
  • Usage and Duplication License- valid for 3 years.
  • Renewal fee is 10% of the original License and is valid for 3 additional years.
  • Initial help with web content, and support with social media
  • Ready to use training curriculum- we package these as “toolkits” – each toolkit includes an Instructor Manual, a Participant Guide, in some cases starter PowerPoint is included and supplemental or support documents are also provided. NOTE: there are 10 signature scaffolding, core curriculum kits plus 2 bonus kits included with the License Package
  • Rosebud Social Club (age 4-7)
  • Good Apple Guide to Manners (age 4-7)
  • Courtesy Camp (ages 5-8)
  • Proud to be Polite (ages 7-10)
  • Cool, Courteous, and Confident (ages 8-11)
  • Mr. Nice Guy (ages 10-13)
  • My Very Best (girls ages 10-13)
  • Pre-Teen Dress and Decorum (ages 12-16)
  • Becoming….Finishing School (Real Beauty Boot Camp)(ages 13-15)
  • Etiquette 101 (ages 15-18)
  • BONUS Manners on the Menu (all ages)
  • BONUS Social Etiquette (all ages)
  • MannersTV- with reseller opportunity
  • ICTC membership
  • Courtesy Coach Training and Certification exam
  • Webinar coaching- live and pre-recorded, ongoing
  • Train the Trainer- live- this training is REQUIRED for all Licensees
  • Masterclass- registration fees covered for 3 years; continues with renewal (this training is optional)
  • Speakers Bureau listing
  • Sample fliers and marketing supports
  • Candy Bar Starter Kit
  • Bloom Starter Kit
  • Party Props Starter Kit (elements required for Paris parties)
  • Trainer Props Kit (provided at Live Training)
  • Affiliate network and support
  • Coaching- ongoing with you assigned mentor
  • ICTC practice exam
  • ICTC Certification exam
  • Link to IGC Main Site
  • Cross-promotions
  • Your starter etiquette/civility reference library (5 books- provided at Live Trainer)
  • IGC head office attendance and supports with your grand opening
  • Ongoing discounts and promotions on training tools, props, etc.
  • Licensee Training (5 days Live)
  • Licensee Trainee Manual
  1. About In Good Company
  2. License Package Details
  3. Joining the Team
  4. Getting Certified
  5. Getting Started: The First 90 Days
  6. The IGC Franchise Model
  7. How will you make money?
  8. Public Relations
  9. Your Personal Brand
  10. Marketing and Selling (5 Modules)
  11. The Business Plan
  12. Conducting Business- Day to Day
  13. Curriculum Details Add on Options for Building Your Business
  14. Training Basics
  15. Masters and Templates file
  16. And more!

Also Included with Your License

Optional Elements
  1. IGC Branding Package:
    1. IGC Logo
    2. Rosebud Club Logo
    3. Sub-domain and Mirror IGC Website – Customized with your information
    4. IGC Stationery Templates: Business Card, Thank You notes, Letterhead, Rosebud Club cards, Rosebud Invitations, So Rude card, Magazine/Flier template
    5. Customized Labels for Candy Bar
    6. Window Decals
    7. Courtesy Camp Window Banner
  1. Add-on admin supports:
    1. Help setting up Booking Bug software
    2. Launch plan with Media Package
    3. Ongoing No-fee Webinars


What Our Trainers are Saying about Our Programs

“We are proud Partners with Civility Experts Worldwide and are the official and exclusive Children’s  Character, Confidence and Courtesy Coach and Civility at Work  Certificate Train-the-Trainer for the International Civility  Trainers’ Consortium in Singapore. We have been using Civility Experts children training curriculum since 2009 and the training materials are very useful and comprehensive. We love the training materials very much because the children love the lesson plan and had fun learning. In 2000, we took up the master train the trainer program and had purchased the territorial rights to conduct business etiquette and character’s confidence and courtesy coach in Singapore. The train the trainer and the training materials are very well received by our trainees. Thank you, Lew Bayer, of Civility Experts Worldwide for creating such excellent and comprehensive training materials both for the children as well as for the train the trainer program.”

Eunice Tan ICTC MCCT 陈 蔓妮
Founder | Image Flair- Academy of Modern Etiquette

“For several years I have been working in Civility & Etiquette field as Partner and managing Civility Experts Lebanon.  Civility Experts Company is a supportive company, it gives you everything needed to grow your business! I mean it, yes, everything! Thank you Lew Bayer.”

Marwan Asmar, Master Certified Civility Trainer
Founder and President of Roleplay NGO