Etiquette Classes

For Teenagers Ages 13 and Up

Build Confidence, Self-esteem and
Social Competence!


Thirteen going on twenty… it seems many young women reach the pre-teen years and they just can’t wait to “grow up”.  This is a time of exciting new opportunities and a world of endless possibilities. But along with the fun come new responsibilities and ever-changing expectations and so the years from 13-20 can also be complicated – even scary. But having extra support, learning strategies for coping with change, and building social competence, can set young ladies up for success. The In Good Company Academy classes, including Finishing School and Real Beauty Boot Camp, address many of the challenges young women ages 13-20 face, including:

  • feeling and exhibiting confidence
  • communicating with clarity, purpose, polish, and courtesy
  • finding their worth and building self-esteem
  • choosing good role models
  • navigating difficult situations, e.g., with peer groups
  • embracing their bodies and learning to respect themselves
  • establishing good habits: health, diet, exercise, beauty routines
  • setting realistic goals and devising plans to achieve them
  • celebrating their talents and gifts
  • expressing personal style without concern for what other think
  • worrying about university or job interviews
  • trusting themselves as they gain independence
  • entering the world of dating
  • acknowledging and accepting others with nonjudgement, empathy and caring
  • common courtesies such as; planning and attending parties and events, gift giving, showing appreciation

The training offered at In Good Company helps build character, confidence and courtesy. We don’t just teach the correct behavior, we explain “why” good behavior is necessary—and the consequences of bad manners. Our trainers are ICTC Certified.

Real Beauty Boot Camp

Ages 12-15   |   $349 + tax

Includes lunches and all materials, certificate and special gifts. Being a real beauty is not the same as being really beautiful- at least not in the way many people think. Sure it’s important to look good – but real beauty is something you find. You find it when you find your courage, confidence, and character and you build it when you practice civility and grace.

My Very Best

Ages 9-13   |   $199 + tax

Worries about how the world views them, and not always feeling comfortable about themselves or in unfamiliar social settings can seriously impact the self-esteem and confidence of young ladies entering their teens.

This 8-part social and life skills program is designed to introduce the “rules” for meeting social expectations and fitting into the world as well as build confidence, self-esteem & social competence.

Finishing School

Ages 14-16   |   $399 + tax

Finishing high school can be exciting and a little scary at the same time.  Learning what is expected and respected for various social settings such as mixing with friends in public places, job interviews, dating etc. can boost confidence and help young women present themselves positively. The 8-part Backpack to Briefcase Finishing School prepares young women to expand beyond their book smarts and increase their social savvy.

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