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Frequently Asked Questions

This certificate program was created by Civility Experts Worldwide and is approved by the International Civility Trainers’ Consortium.

Do you offer distance training?2019-02-24T03:13:00+00:00

Yes, we do! We offer a 12-week program.

We accept enrollment in the Distance Program ongoing. Self-study options are available if you cannot attend scheduled sessions. Please contact us for more details.

Do the ITCT lessons provide everything I would need to teach this material?2015-09-09T18:04:50+00:00

The lesson plans include instructor’s notes, minute by minute lesson plans, quotes, sources, resources, and statistics, reference material you can use to add to or change the lessons, participant handouts and answer keys. There is an excerpt/sample lesson at

Is the content for the Children’s Etiquette and Character course the same as for the Civility at Work?2015-09-09T18:03:25+00:00

Some content is similar, e.g., the lessons about starting a business and about marketing civility programs, etc. However the children’s trainer includes discussions and webinars with experts in the field, as well as information about how to deliver the content specifically to children. The focus on children is not present with the business course, which is based on civility at work.

Does the training course provide me with all the information I need to become ITCT certified?2015-09-09T18:01:17+00:00

Yes! The Children’s Certification exam is 150 questions. We send you 50 of them as a practice exam, the exam is open book (all of the answers are in the workbook and/or webinars that we send you). We also provide suggested reading lists, and because
the exam is open book, we actually encourage trainees to use the internet to find answers they don’t know.

Once we send you the exam you have 36 hours to complete it and send it back to us. Our goal is not really to pass/fail people—it is to ensure that people have a baseline of knowledge about civility and etiquette. We want to know that you are reading about it, that you have an opinion, that you could research or find sources and resources of related information if you needed to support your own business, build lesson plans if necessary, etc.

Once I pass the exam, am I affiliated with IGC and the ICTC?2015-09-09T17:58:33+00:00

If you complete and pass the exam, you will be an affiliate of IGC and ICTC. Upon passing the exam, you will also given access to the IGC and ICTC logo. In addition, you can list yourself as ICTC certified.

What is ITCT?2015-09-17T13:50:06+00:00

ICTC stands for International Civility Trainers’ Association. When you sign up for your ICTC Trainer package, you automatically become a member of the ICTC at no extra cost.

About our Optional Webinars2021-12-10T08:15:07+00:00

There are existing and ongoing Webinars pending- these support/coaching sessions that you can join in progress or download at a time convenient for you, you can check the schedule at or visit for details. There is no cost to you to take any of these webinars. Keep in mind, they are supplemental training- you must attend the Civility Experts 5-day program to achieve certification status.

Recommended Reading on Civility2019-02-24T03:15:48+00:00
  • Benet Davetian; History of Civility
  • Dr. P. Forni’s books; Choose Civility and Civility Solutions
  • Karl Albrecht and/or Daniel Goleman Social Intelligence and Albrecht’s new Practical Intelligence
  • Peter Block; Community
  • Bayer et al; The Power of Civility
  • Stephen Covey; Speed of Trust for etiquette
  • Anything from the Emily Post Institute
  • For Culture; Brooks Peterson- Cultural Intelligence and Kiss, Bow or Shake Hands
  • For Children; How Rude by Packer, is always a great choice
  • For Image; Anything by Trinny and Suzanna
Writing the ITCT Certification Exam2019-02-24T03:16:03+00:00

Once you feel ready, and you have studied the practice exam, you can take the ICTC Courtesy Coach® Certification Exam. The exam is online and is 150 Questions- open book. Send a note to your Training Coordinator, and you will be sent the exam and have 24 hours to complete it and send it back by email or by fax.

  • In addition, to achieve certified status, you must send 3 letters of reference/verification for 3 civility/etiquette presentations you have done in the past 6 months.
  • Once your letters are received and you have written the exam, all will be reviewed by an ICTC panel of Master Trainers you will be contacted for a telephone or Skype interview, and the decision to award (or suggestions for areas you need more study) will be made within 3 weeks of your completing the exam.
  • If you pass all the requirements, you will be sent a formal notice of certification and you will be listed as a Certified Trainer with ICTC (This is the CCT™ designation.)
About the Trainer Program process2021-12-10T08:15:07+00:00

Here is how the program works:

1. Once you have completed your registration form, submitted it and paid your total fees owing, the Program Coordinator will send you the following:

  • A Dropbox folder will be set up for you and a link will be sent to you. The folder is where all documents, training tools, and materials, schedules, fliers etc. will all be housed. Initially, the folder will contain:
    • A welcome email containing your passwords and login information for the Civility and Culture resource center at and for MannersTV.
    • Your pre-training assignments, and a final agenda with details about the training location and information about how to dress, what to bring, etc.
    • Electronic copies of the 3 Civility Experts curriculum kits that are included in your package: The Good Apple Guide to Manners, Polite and Proud of it, and Etiquette 101.
    • A link and list of Optional Train-the-Trainer Webinars and/or online training or you will have the option of logging in and participating in these webinars or downloading them for review when it is convenient for you.
    • A practice exam for ICTC

It is recommended that you review these documents, online courses, resource materials, and websites and start compiling information and reference material to add to your lessons and increase your general knowledge.

2. a) For LIVE training, when you arrive at the training venue, a Trainee workbook will be provided to you, at the end of your first day of training, the Program Coordinator will forward you a copy of the Etiquette Plus! E-book and any bonus materials you’ve been offered.
b) If you are taking a DISTANCE program, the Program Coordinator will set up a conference call or Skype with you and your assigned training representative /coach. And, an e-version of the Trainee manual will be added to your Dropbox folder.

3. Once you have completed the Live program, and/or once you have completed the Distance program requirements, you will receive your Courtesy Coach® Certificate. You will also receive the Civility Certified® logo and the Civility Experts Affiliate, and
ICTC logos. You are encouraged to post these logos your webpage or blog.

4. If you have an affiliate package, you will be sent a press release about your graduation/achievement of the certification and Civility Experts and your local affiliate contact will post and promote your achievement.

5. For 12 months after completing the Trainer course, you will have the option of buying additional civility training tools, or taking another Trainer Certificate course, for example, Civility at Work™ or Culture Coach™, High Style Image ™, Leading with Civility™, Executive Finishing School™ or Social Intelligence™ by distance/self-study at a special rate- you can buy any of these items through the Civility Experts webpage.

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