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Train-the-Trainer Certification Program

This comprehensive 3-day training program will provide teachers, parents, caregivers, and other children’s programs training professionals with all the tools they need to successfully deliver character, confidence and courtesy lessons and workshops to children ages 4-12 years. This certification program is delivered by a Master Certified Lead Trainer from the In Good Company Etiquette Academy & Finishing School head office, and is based on the internationally acclaimed training materials developed by Lew Bayer of Civility Experts Worldwide. The program is recognized by the International Civility Trainers’ Consortium (ICTC). Graduates will receive a Certificate of Completion and pending their passing of a written exam via ICTC, they will be eligible to receive the ICTC Certified Courtesy Coach® credential.

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Included with our Train-the-Trainer Package

Certified Training

  • 3 days of comprehensive training by certified civility trainers
  • Note: 2 add –on days are optional, these include:
    • Full day on Training Basics- an ICTC Supplement course
    • Full day on “The Business of Civility” best practices for building a successful etiquette and soft skills training business”
    • Full day CPR/First Aid training for children’s trainers
  • Continental Breakfast and Refreshments at Breaks on all 3 days
  • Access to Training Webinars on an ongoing basis through Civility Experts Worldwide
  • Trainee workbook
  • Coaching – ongoing via a designated Mentor
  • 4 course dining etiquette tutorial
  • Practice- hands on training session for children
  • Pre-training assignments and homework during the session
  • Public speaking practice and assessment
  • Various books and prizes presented at the LIVE training
  • Membership in International Civility Trainers’ Consortium for 12 months with discount renewal options
  • ICTC practice exam
  • Certificate of Completion

Support Materials

  • Recommended reading list
  • Revenue plans for:
    • Children’s public classes
    • Children’s private coaching
    • After school programs
    • Conference presentations
    • Summer camps
    • Birthday parties
    • Seasonal events
  • Support materials, bonus gifts and sample lessons for ages 13-18 as well as sample props
  • Beware the Tablemonsters e-book

Core Curriculums

3 Comprehensive Civility Experts Core Curriculums
for Teaching Children and Youth

“The Good Apple Guide to Manners for Kids” is a training kit designed for child-care providers, educators and parents. It was written and designed by experts at Civility Experts Worldwide and consists of thirty 10-minute manners lessons for children ages 3-7. The lessons can be taught in two weeks or spread out over an entire month. Each lesson is designed for 10 minutes but may be expanded up to 1 hour using the suggested activities and worksheets per the instructor’s discretion, making the program a comprehensive 30-hour curriculum. The kit includes detailed lesson plans for instructions plus activities, worksheets and practice exercises for participants. The no-nonsense materials package includes an easy-to-follow 111-page Instructors manual and a 34-page Masters file for reproducing worksheets and participant materials.

“Polite and Proud of It” is an in-depth reference for the basics of etiquette aimed at children ages 8-12. Our “Polite and Proud of It” materials were developed by the experts at Civility Experts Worldwide., with excerpts contributed by Louise Fox Protocol Solutions, to help optimize a child’s social confidence. “Proud to be Polite” is a perfect supplement to both the “Good Apple” and “Etiquette 101” programs. The materials package includes an easy- to-use 58-page instructor’s guide and a 28-page master file for reproducing worksheets and participant materials.

“Confidence is Cool” offers social skills for ages 10-15 that build on that build on the Polite and Proud of it Lessons. Participants do extensive work on their personal confidence as well as look at dining and situational etiquette as well as goal setting. The Instructors Guide is 58 pages and the Participant Manual is 50 pages.

BONUS KIT : “Manners on the Menu” – provided to trainees who take the LIVE training. With insider tips and hands-on experiential notes contributed by Louise Fox, the very first IGC affiliate, Manners on the Menu covers everything from table settings, to use of napkins, eating difficult food, conversation at the table and much more. Lessons can be adapted to all ages. This kit includes a 45 slide Power Point deck with Leader’s notes, a 35 page Masters file and a 39 page Instructor’s Guide.

ALSO: Pay your fees in one payment OR sign up with a friend to receive “Etiquette 101” (this is updated version of Backpack to Briefcase). This program prepares youth ages 14-18 for the transition to high school and even to college or the work place- depends on the context and the maturity level of the young people being taught. In addition to those topics covered in “Confidence is Cool,” this program covers first impressions, image, dating dilemmas, saying “no”, social and situation etiquette, confident greeting communication skills public speaking dining etiquette, public courtesy interview etiquette, corporate conduct and more. Includes 48 page Instructors Manual and 34 page Masters file/Participant handbook.

Extras and Optional Add-Ons

  • Discount pricing on additional curriculum kits including:
    • Social etiquette
    • Tea Etiquette
    • Manners on the Menu; Dining for all Ages
  • Permission to use the In Good Company Affiliate logo (for IGC Licensees)
  • Permission to use the Affiliate of Civility Experts logo (for CEW Licensees)
  • Permission to post the Member of ICTC logo on your webpage.
  • Option to generate referral income by linking to the In Good Company and Civility Experts Worldwide websites and/or shopping carts
  • CPR/First Aid training (optional and offered as add on day)
  • Opportunity to take the ICTC Certification exam at no charge for affiliates and ICG Licensees ($99 fee for non-affiliates.)

Total Fees: $3850.00 USD

Early Bird pricing of $3350.00 USD on registrations paid in full 60 days prior to training date.

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