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  • Parents, Tired of Nagging Your Kids? Here’s What You Can Do Instead
    Several of these comments listed a whole range of offenses, including chores and cleaning up after themselves, friends and curfew, homework, siblings, personal hygiene, and basic manners and consideration ... Learn how to address bad behavior when ... read more
  • Explore these ideas and more!
    Great positive parenting tips for parents with young kids ... Parents need to teach their kids about manners + etiquette. So many teens + tweens are still missing out on learning these things. 29 amazing ways you can ask your kids about their day at ... read more
  • In Spanking Your Child ALWAYS Wrong?
    She further added that she is sure to warn her children before they get a spanking, and that she believes it has led to better behavior from River ... And I had a darn good childhood and I learned my manners. People need to toughen up.” ... read more
  • Ex-etiquette: Shared custody asks parents to be superhuman
    Stop hashing it over. Make a pact - from this point on; it's ONLY about our kids. Period. That's good ex-etiquette. Dr. Jann Blackstone is the author of "Ex-etiquette for Parents: Good Behavior After Divorce or Separation. ... read more
    Not a fan, especially since he remarried a year after our break-up, but to be nice, I always reply with a winking emoji -- mostly because I don't want to mess up our great co-parenting ... the author of Ex-Etiquette for Parents: Good Behavior After Divorce ... read more
  • Ex-Etiquette: Send appropriate texts to your ex
    Not a fan, especially since he remarried a year after our break-up, but to be nice, I always reply with a winking emoji — mostly because I don’t want to mess up our great co-parenting ... author of “Ex-etiquette for Parents: Good Behavior After ... read more
  • 8 resolutions for better parenting in 2018
    If you’re looking to improve your parenting, you’re not alone. In my opinion, it’s an essential area of course correction, up there with weight loss, better eating and better spending, arguably more essential. What’s beautiful about parenting ... read more
  • When Your Child Won’t Hug the Relatives
    “That level of discomfort and shyness can make a child seem rude, and leave you thinking, ‘I’m a bad parent,’ ” says Joanna Faber, an author and educator on parenting who conducts ... Charlotte embraced the new behavior right away. ... read more
  • Restaurants and Kids: Think Twice Before Mixing
    Dear Mr. Dad: I’m a server at an upscale eatery and am constantly amazed at parents who bring their loud, unruly children into the restaurant and let them run wild. We’ve had kids trip servers, knock over bottles of expensive wine, disturb other ... read more
  • Child Behavior Issues and General Parenting Methods
    Sensible and reasonable parenting techniques demand for manners and etiquette that should be learned by children positively and convincingly. It is a well known fact that now children are more sharp and active as compared to the old generation. Former and outdated parenting tips and strategies have proved futile ... read more
  • Actually, Getting Your Kid To Eat Is Literally The Hardest Part Of Parenting
    In fact, I think it's safe to say that mealtime is the hardest part of parenting. When I was a kid ... For some inspiration about how to stop fighting with my kids at the breakfast, lunch or dinner table, I consulted the Ellyn Satter Institute, a nonprofit ... read more
  • Mom Slams the Stranger Who Tried to Teach Her Boy ‘Good Manners’
    "But this is what's up: manners are subjective, so for me, if my kids say ... others but hopes that people can learn to respect each other instead of trying to force their opinions on other parents' children. This encounter was an eye-opening experience ... read more
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