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So much more than which fork to use!

Welcome to Chicago Etiquette Academy & Finishing School! We offer Social and Life Skills training programs for children and youth ages 5-20, as well as social clubs, parties and events. Manners are so much more than knowing what fork to use!

The world can be a difficult place, but we know that teaching young people what the expected and respected behaviors are in social settings, and giving them the knowledge and skills they need to be socially competent, boosts their confidence, builds self-esteem, and helps them present themselves more positively. Our programs cover important and practical life and social skills topics that girls of all ages need to be their very best selves!

About Us

Chicago Etiquette Academy & Finishing School


Rebecca Gosey-Sanders

Training Director

The world is your oyster at the Chicago Etiquette Academy & Finishing School. Come learn and discover how you will grown into your own refined uniqueness, all while having fun.

I grew up in Tennessee and had the pleasure of having my own Amy Vanderbilt. My grandmother, Rebecca, was indeed the epitome of elegance, etiquette and social graces. She was a lady ahead of her time. My most fondest memories is of Sunday Southern dinners with white linen table cloths, fine china and crystal set for a queen. I too have a passion for etiquette and teaching others the art of knowing how to make one feel welcomed and comfortable in any social or business setting.

Let Chicago Etiquette Academy & Finishing School open the doors to a new experience that will lift your shoes and carry you on a journey of a lifetime.

As a way to empower my community, I serve as the founder and project coordinator at The Lansing Center for Family Growth and Enrichment, in Lansing, IL. The Center provides educational programs to enrich the lives of youth and adults.

Etiquette Classes

Build Confidence, Self-esteem and
Social Competence!


The training we offer helps build character, confidence and courtesy. We don’t just teach the correct behavior, we explain “why” good behavior is necessary—and the consequences of bad manners. Etiquette classes offer learning strategies for coping with change and ensure your child’s social success.

Etiquette courses help develop social skills such as:

  • Proper behaviour at home, at school or in public
  • Showing respect for parents, elders or others
  • Communication and coping skills to avoid tantrums and overcome shyness
  • Sharing, empathy and helping others
  • Finding worth and building self-esteem
  • Choosing good role models and navigating difficult situations
  • Establishing good habits: health, diet, exercise, hygiene
  • Setting realistic goals and devising plans to achieve them
  • Practical life skills such as: managing money, caring for their things; basic cooking

Rosebud Club

Join the Rosebud Club for Girls Ages 5-10!


Setting a pretty table, sewing on a button, arranging flowers, learning how to plan a party, these are just a few of the activities and social graces that little girls ages 5-10 will do at Rosebud Club. Join us Sunday afternoons with good friends, tea parties, and lots of fun activities.

Your membership includes passes for 10 of 15 possible Sundays, plus 2 (two) FREE passes so you can invite a friend to join you! Every Sunday we will engage in interesting activities, do crafts and build our conversation and social skills.  All supplies and refreshments included.

Parties & Events



Who doesn’t love a tea party!

And imagine the fun if the tea party includes good friends, dress-up, a mini-etiquette lesson, beautiful cake and candy bar treats to take home. Book your all inclusive etiquette party today.

We can even come to a location of your choosing. Contact us for more information.

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