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In the Month of June , The Civility Center Reminds Us   – “RESPECT IN SPORTS IS IMPORTANT.”

Internationally renowned as the “go to” organization for anything related to civility, The Civility Center The Civility Center, has created a monthly calendar that includes events, ideas, and inspiration from around the world.  The Civility Calendar is available free online with the objective of encouraging people to bring their most kind, most considerate, and most civil self to all their interactions.  Each month focuses on a different aspect of civility and its interaction with life, and June’s is : CIVILITY IN SPORTS

There is a reason why Educators call competitive sports the ‘other half of education.’ The lessons in sports is a real life example of the competitive world we live in.   Sportsmanship is acting “civil” towards your opponents, teammates, officials, fans and coaches.”   –  Kent Roberts, Founder,  National Civility Center

The message is :  Whether it’s intramural sports, playing as part of a team at the community level, or competing as a professional athlete, participation in sports offers an opportunity to strive for personal excellence. But sports are also about camaraderie, teamwork, and discipline, as well as presenting ourselves with self-respect. …It’s time to bring civility back to sports.

Every month includes an affirmation, and for June, the mantra is : “Respect in Sports is important. Today I will exercise good sportsmanship.”

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