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  • 10 Parenting Etiquette Dilemmas––Solved
    We asked a couple modern-manners and parenting experts for help with 10 common etiquette dilemmas ... we don't hit in our house.'" If the bad behavior continues, you can try a brief time out, but not before you've exhausted your powers of distraction ... read more
  • Some Thoughts on Enjoying Parenting
    I genuinely enjoy the process of parenting. I love teaching them new things. I love molding their behavior from the charming anarchists of toddlerhood into socially stable children. I love reveling in their crazy ideas for play. I love introducing them to ... read more
  • Sex offenders, gift etiquette, terrible twos, and office relationships—Prudie chats live with readers at
    Etiquette While Being ... who have no involvement in their children's lives, but the story your beau presents is pretty compelling. Yes, he could have—maybe should have—pursued this matter in court. But given the behavior of his ex, he's probably ... read more
  • Modern Manners + Etiquette: Bystander Behavior
    Have you ever witnessed bad behavior you didn't have the good manners to stop? “Mind your own business,” that's what most of us were told was good etiquette—along with ... “That's not good parenting, stop or I'll call the cops!” ... read more
  • Understanding Difficult Behavior: For Foster and Adoptive Parents
    By taking a self-inventory the parent can understand where their own gut reactions come from in stressful parenting situations, and where some of their own learned behavior may have been developed. Therapeutic parenting is about setting firm boundaries in ... read more
  • “Back Talk” – Excerpt from The Big Book of Parenting Solutions: 101 Answers to Your Everyday Challenges and Wildest Worries, by Michele Borba
    Your child curbs her back talk and flippant manners and learns to voice her concerns ... here are five signs that it is time for a more intense parenting plan to change this unbecoming behavior: Your child does not stop using the behavior at your simple ... read more
  • Being Brooke
    Most women would look very unattractive in this headgear, but Brooke Shields looks just fine ... went overboard: "She read Miss Manners, she memorized etiquette books," says Brooke with a sigh. "You can't imagine.") Still, "I think people let their ... read more
  • Say, ‘Please,” and 9 other basic manners
    Etiquette ... school graduation. The book includes questions from readers, activities and general guidelines for parents. The book reads as part parenting book, part guide to manners and behavior. ‘Mother Goose Manners’ By Harriet Ziefert This is a ... read more
  • A lesson in good manners
    As she watched the author of Choosing Civility turn the pages of a children's book on etiquette ... book on manners sprang to life. Within a month, they had a working outline for What Do You Say As You Go Through Your Day? Passionate about parenting ... read more
  • Bribing Kids for Good Behavior
    That time, dad had resisted the temptation to bribe his kids for good behavior. Chances are, though, things hadn't always gone so smoothly. After all, bribing kids for good behavior is a tactic commonly used by many parents. Parenting Bribes: The Problem ... read more
  • No brats allowed!
    Has public etiquette ... of parenting that leads both parents and onlookers alike to believe good (read: quiet) children are a reflection of mastering proper parenting. Senning, who is the mother of two sons and author of “The Gift of Good Manners ... read more
  • Minding Their Manners
    The toughest problem of Kevin Hatamiya's brief elementary school career doesn't involve ... The concern helps account for a surge in enrollment in children's etiquette classes and is transforming the moribund manners trade. "I've been in this business ... read more
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