Who is your role model? This is a question the research team at Civility Experts Worldwide posed in an informal survey to 250 young adults ages 16-20 in early 2014. The responses we got surprised us:

  • 26% said they don’t really have one
  • 7% said they don’t need one, they have friends that they model after
  • 31% said a family member (parent, sibling, or other)
  • 24% said they try to emulate a celebrity or sports star
  • 12% said they consider themselves a role model and don’t follow anyone else

I don’t know about you but it’s upsetting to me that one in four young people recognize that they don’t have anyone to look up to- that there is no positive example to help guide them through what some would argue is one of the most challenging and confusing times of their lives. And that almost one in three young people aspire to emulate their friends (who may be equally confused and/or lacking in mentorship) or celebrities (who often behave badly and don’t always live in what is “reality” for most of us) is a little scary too.

The alarming outcomes above were offset a little by the 12% who said they consider themselves role-models. These young people told us that they make their own decisions about how to be themselves- and that even when they feel pressure to take on the styles, choices, and personality of others, they stay strong. We wondered what was different about these young people and so we asked them two questions:

  1. Why do you think you’re able to overcome the pressures most young people experience?
  2. What makes you a role-model?

Invariably the responses showed us that confidence, self-trust, and an understanding that choices always resulted in benefits or consequences, were the secret strengths that these young leaders possessed.

On the heels of this insight, Civility Experts Worldwide set out to devise a program to help build these three skills in young adults ages 16-20. On the Moveis a 3-day leadership and empowerment certificate program for youth ages 16-20. The curriculum was designed to support leadership development and offers knowledge and practical tools that promote education, self-confidence, character, and collaboration. These are essential skills for young adults.

Participants (ages 16-25) who enroll in the On the Move program will benefit by:

  • Participating in 3 full-days of comprehensive training in a conference-style environment
  • Receiving training and mentorship delivered by leading experts in the field
  • Completing detailed exercises and taking home a workbook used in-class use includes reference and resources for ongoing learning
  • Experiencing guest presentations by real-life role models and leaders in the community
  • Interacting, networking, communicating, and collaborating with other attendees
  • Increasing confidence in their abilities and choices

This is an exciting opportunity for young adults to become role models and to engage and be empowered to become their very best selves.

If you are a trainer, teacher, community program facilitator, or social skills coach and you are interested in acquiring a Trainer License to use this insightful and practical curriculum kit, contact Jessica@civilityexperts.com