Who doesn’t love a party? Whether it’s a  small family celebration or big extravaganzas, parties are an important way to mark the many milestones in our childrens lives. And, seeing the joyful, happy cake-

filled, little faces, after the fact, usually helps us forget about the sometimes exorbitant costs, stress and

planning that often go along with these events. But wouldn’t it be great to have a little help now and then?

Getting children involved in organizing and hosting their own parties is a great way to teach them

responsibility and manners. While helping with the party plans, children also come to understand the

reciprocal nature of social/special celebrations. Here are some ways that even small children can help with their own parties:

Get the child involved with choosing a theme. Follow through with this theme in the style of

invitations, decorations, games and food items.

Let the child write and mail or email his/her own invitations. As the party approaches, let him/her

arrange and put up decorations. The child can also set the table and help prepare food.

Assign the child the task of greeting each guest at the door. Ask him/her to take guests coats and

introduce the guests to each other.

Instruct the child that he/she should try to talk to each guest so that everyone feels special and so

that no one is left out.

Make sure the child understands the party plan – e.g., eat first, and then open presents etc. so

that he/she can help direct guests as to activities and help things run smoothly.

Teach the child to accept gifts graciously, instruct the  child to open them one at a time and say thank you to each guest.

Let the child participate in serving food items, especially the cake.

Make sure the child hands out “loot bags”