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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Aug 1, Winnipeg, MB)   

In the Month of August , The Civility Center Reminds Us   – “CIVILITY STARTS AT HOME.”

Internationally renowned as the “go to” organization for anything related to civility, The Civility Center The Civility Center, has created a monthly calendar that includes events, ideas, and inspiration from around the world.  The Civility Calendar is available free online with the objective of encouraging people to bring their most kind, most considerate, and most civil self to all their interactions.  Each month focuses on a different aspect of civility and its interaction with life, and August is : CIVILITY AT HOME – FOCUS ON THE FAMILY.

“The foundations of civility are built at home, from the youngest family members to the oldest, we create the attitudes, and values that guide and support us throughout lives.” Rochelle Huppé, Director- Business Development, Civility Experts Worldwide Inc. 

“Social and self-presentation skills are an art to be learned by everyone, not just the privileged or educated. Everyone matters and presenting yourself in a polished manner shows that you’ve added that “extra touch” of caring to whatever you do.” –  Misty Harris, Civility at Home Advocate, In Good Company Etiquette Academy Owner, Civility Center Supporter

The message is :   Finding our way in the world can be difficult at times.  For many of us, it’s knowing we have family that loves and supports us that gets us through.  But sometimes we get busy with school or work, and other activities, and we forget to show appreciation for the people who love us the most.  “Home” should be a place of peace and safety, where we experience kindness.  Civility starts at home. This is where we learn respect for ourselves, for others, and for the world around us.  

 Every month includes an affirmation, and for August, the mantra is : “Civility starts at home.  I am grateful for my family.”  

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